Classic Stone Therapy

Your life is like a hard-working bee, you always put all your energy to handle the day-by-day tasks. But occasionally, living a little slow, a little lazy is not a bad idea, experience Japanese-classic style stone bath and soothing treatment. Under the gentle light, shake off all the fatigue and distractions in your life and enjoy these wonderful relaxing moments!

Classic Stone Bath

Inner Treatments
No need for complex meditation techniques, recreating the five senses of the body, step by step out of the ordinary trajectory to immerse yourself in the intense of Japan’s Tamagawa Hot Spring, along with endless energy from Wulun Stone, enjoy the style of Japanese meditation, Inner Treatments worthy of passion that you can not refuse.
Improving Circulation – Improving Fertility
▼Inner Treatments

Beauty Stone Bath. Energy relief  - 90/60 minutes
Selected Beitou Stone, Radium Ore, etc... "Wulun Stone" Beauty Bath.
Enjoy high concentrations of negative ions and rich trace elements while enjoying gentle warmth, and with the help of far-infrared rays, experience the energy and temperature that pervades the body. Activate the metabolic cycle, relax and wick away perspiration, and keep your heart in peace. In this leisurely journey, find your purest and most beautiful beauty!
Recommended: Insufficient exercise, Poor circulation, Constipation, Irregular menstruation, Insomnia.
Fertility Massage - 40 minutes

From the Traditional Chinese Medicine “Huang Di Nei Jing” - 《黄帝内经》(Yellow Emperor’s Inner Canon), at the " Coccyx "- where the pelvic nerves are concentrated, gently apply essential oils, combined with skillful techniques: press and rub, push and grasp, point press, dredge the pelvic meridians, effectively activate blood, warm the uterus. Immerse yourself in this delication and let "Inner Treatment" gently take care of your body from inside out.
Recommended: Irregular menstruation, Gynecological troubles, Debilitate, Lower extremity edema, Constipation.

Body purification. Abdominal treatment - 40 minutes

Sedentary, sitting for long periods of time, digestive system will be poorly functioning. With professional techniques for stomach and abdomen treatment, stimulates the acupoint in the abdomen, promote energy circulation and discharge excess water. When the body is purified, there is a sense of relief and relaxation, the skin will also become brighter and rosier, retain your eternal beauty!
Recommended: Gynecological troubles, Irregular meals, Lower extremity edema, Poor digestion.

Lymphatic Massage (Ultrasound Therapy) - 40 Minutes
Sedentary, sitting or standing for long periods of time will cause poor circulation, less sweating. Let Tianmu use professional skills combined with modern beauty treatments (ultrasound, microwave, negative piezoelectric wave) to increase blood circulation, use heat to stimulate circulation metabolism, relieve fatigue and clear congestion. From then on, lymphatic is smooth and the body is refreshed, say goodbye to lower extremity edema!
Recommended: Sedentary, Dull skin, Body odor, Lymphatic obstruction, Edema and swelling.