Hokutolite is an orthorhombic sulfate mineral. It contains 2 main mixed components: Barium sulfate (BaSo4) and Lead sulfate (PbSO4) in the proportion of 4 over 1. Hokutolite’s radioactivity comes from its inclusion of rare earth elements in radioactive radium. Hokutolite experiences thousands of years forming, absorbing the essence of heaven and earth. As a result, Hokutolite can emit natural negative ion, which is believed to be beneficial for human body.

In the field of medical profession, negative ions were confirmed to have the ability of sterilizing and purifying the air. The mechanism of this benefit generally consists of negative ion’s combination with bacteria. This causes the bacteria to bear changes in their structure or energy transfer, resulting in bacterial death. The bacteria eventually sink to the ground. Medical research shows that, the air of negatively charged particles can raise blood oxygen level, contribute to oxygen delivery, absorption and utilization, with the promotion of the new blood cell supersedes the old. Furthermore, negative ions can also enhance the immunity system of human body, grow the body muscle and regulate the body functions. For this reason, negative ion in the medical community is often referred to as the "air vitamin"

Base on the benefits of Hokutolite, Hokutolite stone spa therapy has been scientifically proven of its helpfulness in terms of eliminating harmful substances of the body. As a result, injured body parts are able to undergo gene repair. This bedrock therapy is also beneficial in reducing the risk of cancer. Once the temperature of our body is increased, our metabolism and immune system will also be enhanced.

The therapy allows the body to be heated from deep inside, therefore the sweat produced from the therapy (equivalent to that of a person who has jogged for 30km) is different from the normal sweat. The Japanese call this the “Clean Sweat”.

Benefits of Hokutolite stone spa therapy:

Enhances the immunity system:  As 1 temperature rise, the immunity system is increased by 30 percent.

Improves the effectiveness of systemic circulation: This is most suitable for treating pain and cold bodies.

Diaphoresis effect: Adjusts the balance of autonomic nervous system.

Detoxification and Slimming effects: This type of heat can warm up the deep parts of our body, it can accelerate the activity of human cells as well as the discharge of oil and the toxins.

Beauty effect: The therapy provides fresh oxygen to promote breathing, and let the skin be child-like smooth and soft.