Our Humble Promise

Every service is a period of time in each other’s lives.
Every interaction should be the sharing of happiness and love.
Therefore, there are some things that are the beautiful promise that Tianmu Stone Bath has always upheld to.

We truly believe that,
Every service is a period of time in each other’s lives.
Every interaction should be the sharing of happiness and love.
So we value every course, every time we serve, every greeting and every item for your skin, in order to give you the best,
Some things may have never been noticed by you, but
However, Tianmuyan Stone Bath has always upheld.

About People
We believe that a warm and professional service can bring happiness to people.
In order to give you the highest level of service quality, the aromatherapists and service personnel of Tianmuyan Pan Bath need to pass pre-employment training, internship and level assessment. Through irregular training, examination, and enrich the professional knowledge of service personnel, in order to continue to grow and progress.
Meanwhile, in addition to the advancement of professional technology, we hope to give you a service full of warm and love. Kindly greetings like visiting old friends, providing the highest level of gentle care, sincere care. Let you come back home with a satisfying smile and a relaxed mood after each experience.

About Serive
Only the experience of the body and emotions is the answer to the quality of each process
Therefore, the courses and services launched by Tianmu are carefully evaluated by the team, scientific verification and education training, all materials must be subjected to rigorous testing and certification to serve the customers.
We provide beauty treatments, weight loss therapies, stress relieving aromatherapy, and of course, our exceptional Tianmu Stone Bath for all skin types of women, and special requirements on other treatments, as your own health and beauty consultant.

About Environment
With a cup of hot tea, hand towels, bath beds, and beauty clothes - Let's get started!
When you come to Tianmu, you will definitely expect a clean and comfortable environment in which to relax. So we consider this the most important thing.
The first thing that service personnel do every day is to check and clean the rooms, ensure the environment is always clean and neat. The sanitary treatment of towels, sanitary ware and other personal cleaning products during the service process are strictly demanded and handled by professionals. Let every time you come to Tianmu can be relaxed, comfort and peace of mind just like going home.

About Product
We hope that all the experiences you have here will be the best.
Since it is to be used on the body and skin, so all the essential oils and skin care products used by Tianmu are based on natural non-toxic standards and passed scientific and third-party inspection certification ,endorsed by the brand, for each customer to check, enjoy the good care of the day, enjoy the best of beauty treatments.

About Privacy
Enjoy this wonderful experience, you don't have to be distracted by other things- That’s our promise to you.
Tianmu values your privacy and safety. The warning system, access control mechanism and fire-fighting facilities in the hall are regularly tested by professional companies. Therefore, you can totally enjoy the top-level beauty treatment services without worrying about these things, and concentrate on the course.
Meanwhile, we would like to remind you that in order to respect other female customers, if there is a male guest to experience the service, please follow the opening hours and regulations of each club. Please also inform the staff of the clubhouse when making an appointment, to enable us to manage and provide you with the best service.